2FA or 2 Factor Authentication makes it much harder for criminals to access your accounts. It means if they crack the password there is still another layer of security that they need to get through in order to access the account.

It is, in essence, double checking that it really is who it’s meant to be access the account.

2FA is commonly seen in online banking and most online platforms. It can be set up for almost all online assets, such as websites and emails.

It is a good protection method should passwords unfortunately be stolen. 

Common 2FA methods are via text message or using an authentication app like Google Authenticator.

If you can not configure 2FA for your online assets then ensure passwords are as secure as possible.

Public Sector vulnerabilities – there have been a lot of high profile cases in the US and EU of hospitals being attacked, websites brought down and personal data stolen during the coronavirus pandemic. Malware posing as coronavirus related documents are circulating and are infectious so necessary security steps need to be put in place. AZORult is one attack, the largest private hospital operator in Europe was also hit in May 2020 with a cyber attack.