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Free Website Security Check

Website Security

This is ultimately the service that we provide. Keeping your company website, server and email safe from attack means you can focus on doing business whilst we focus on safeguarding.

We offer a free check of your website, just fill in your URL and we will provide your report within 24 hours.


Common issues that we find with websites are:

  1. Patching deficiencies
  2. TLS configuration issues
  3. Unsecure email and issues with spam and phishing
  4. Server security certificates
  5. Patching of content management systems

How are service works

We offer a free diagnostic check for anyone who wants it, just fill in the URL above. This is a basic check that looks at key areas of weakness.

If weaknesses are found or there have been security breaches they will be included in the report and you can fix them or we can action them for you.

There may be reason for a full diagnostic report. This analysis, in more detail, the set up of your website, email and hosting solution.

For most small businesses in the UK, website security isn’t high on the agenda as it doesn’t help their business progress. However, one attack on their systems that installs malware and all the data could be stolen, encrypted or even republished. Not only has the business lost everything but the reputation may take years to recover.

So our most cost effective solution is having your website, hosting and email all managed by us which includes your only security. Instead of paying for another service, have all your solutions in one place for one fee. We provide monthly checks and monitoring software so that if you are hacked we are notified 24/7.


Who’s the Service for

  • Private sector companies
  • Public sector, government agencies
  • NHS contractors
  • Any business operation with a website

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