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    Coronavirus Security Alert!

    Since Covid-19 has plagued the UK, SMEs and large corporates alike are at increased threat from cyber attacks. Google are blocking 18 million phishing emails every day (17th April 2020, source: BBC), and SMEs are at serious threat of data breaches, website and hosting hacks and malicious email.

    Cyber attacks up 667% since Coronavirus Pandemic

    (17th April 2020, source: Barracuda Networks)

    What’s involved in Website Security

    Malware and Ransomware
    Website Security
    Cloud and Data Storage
    Device anti-virus software
    Email Security
    Server Security
    Microsoft Macros

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      • “We saw an increase in spam in March (2020) and decided to use the quieter time to make sure our online security was sorted. The guys at Blue Ocean Media did a security diagnostic on our website and server and made some recommendations which we have implemented”
      • “Blue Ocean helped us migrate our hosting and emails to a new and more secure platform. We were not as secure as we could have been and we didn’t realise how vulnerable we were until we checked. Thank you to Geoff & Matt”
      • “My restaurant business has grown significantly over the last 3 years but anything technical like websites and emails hasn’t been a priority. After Blue Ocean approached me and asked to look at things, I decided I needed to make it all secure. I am confident they know what they are doing and I am pleased I can pick up the phone and ask them anything to with the online side of the business”